Amy Johnson, MSW - Trainer, Educator, and Coach

Meet - Amy Johnson, MSW - Trainer, Educator, Coach and Author:

Parents: Don't you want your children to hear about life's most tender topics from you? Research shows youth want to hear about growing up, relationships, and sexuality from their parents, but many parents struggle with what to say when and how to say it. I can help!

Organizations: Do you serve youth and/or parents? Do your employees and volunteers hear about issues like relationships, sexuality, and more every day? Are your employees and volunteers unsure how to handle them? I can help!

Teens: Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, down-to-earth speaker to work with your group? I can help!

With a few decades of working with youth and parents under my belt, I am no stranger to sensitive subjects, inquiring adolescents, and parents who want to keep the peace.

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"She has so many tools to offer that you can't help but find one that works for you."
K.S., Tacoma, WA

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Parenting by Strengths

Finally, a book that builds on your strengths! Read this and you will discover your strengths, create a discipline plan that works, feel less stress and increase family communication, feel confident discussing sexuality with your child, and more!
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