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Parenting by Strengths

Parenting by Strengths

Finally, a book that builds on your strengths! Read this and you will discover your strengths, create a discipline plan that works, feel less stress and increase family communication, feel confident discussing sexuality with your child, and more!
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Homegrown Faith and Justice

Homegrown Faith and Justice

Faith-Forming Activities, Conversations, Rituals and Resources for Families with Children. All proceeds from the sales of this book benefit the United Church of Christ.
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Smart Solutions For Parents

Do you struggle with talking with your kids about:
  • where babies come from?
  • puberty?
  • relationships?
  • dating?
  • sex?
Are you unsure how to balance openness with messages about your values?

Are you wondering what to say when and how to say it?

You're not alone!

Talking with children and teens about sexuality issues can be challenging, even if you have a great relationship with your kids. Let me help!
Call Amy today at 253-874-2084 for a FREE Consultation!

I can help you:

  • Engage with your children and teens about these important topics
  • Give up-to-date, accurate information
  • Embrace more peace of mind when tackling these tender topics
  • Communicate information and your values in clear and loving ways

Classes and Workshops:

  • Birds, Bees, Babies and Boyfriends
  • Honoring Our Bodies
  • Peace, Love, and Talking about Sexuality
  • Ages and Stages
  • The Parenting Highway: Balancing Love and Limits
  • How Much Is Enough? Raising Responsible Kids in an Overindulging World
  • Custom workshops available on request

What people are saying about working with Amy:

"I never would have arrived here - at the OPPORTUNITY instead of the PROBLEM if it was not for you." S.C., Federal Way, WA

"Amy is a safe person to be with. She is encouraging and good at recognizing people's strengths. She has a lot to offer parents, whether their children are in preschool or high school or anywhere in between." Leanne, Gig Harbor, WA


Are you tired of the same struggles day after day?
Are you looking for support and more personalized service to make some changes?

Coaching is a great option to get the support you deserve to create the family you want. This might be for you if you want:
  • Personal support to make needed changes
  • A program that's right for your family, right now
  • Professional 1:1 care and personalized service
Watch Amy on Northwest Focus as she discusses and models parent coaching.

Call Amy today at 253-874-2084 for a FREE Consultation!

"Working with Amy has been pure joy. She is a great coach who helped me in each of my sessions to move forward in my goals of returning to building my business after my break of having a baby. She helped me see that balancing act of parenting and being a business woman is like a high wire act requiring right balance of each of those roles." R.M., York, PA

Psst! Especially for Moms:

Get the support you deserve to create the family you want.

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